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We are proud to offer classes through Professional Scuba Inspectors-Professional Cylinder Inspectors, Inc. (PSI-PCI). PSI-PCI cylinder inspection training is the ONLY training recognized by the U.S.D.O.T., the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and cylinder manufacturers. For more than 20 years, PSI-PCI, Inc. has been the gold standard in training with over 27,000 cylinder inspectors trained world wide. Additional information can be found at

Visual Cylinder Inspector Course - $325 per person

This certification course teaches the regulations and fundamentals of conducting visual inspections of solid wall and composite SCUBA and SCBA cylinders. The full day course is suited for those new to

visual inspection well as those who have been inspecting without formal training through its wide range of inspection subjects including damage limits, neck cracking, and laws affecting inspectors. Additionally, this course meets the OSHA and DOT requirements for employee HAZMAT training and attendants completing the course are qualified to conduct HAZMAT training for cylinder handlers . It is recognized by USDOT, Compressed Gas Association, and cylinder manufacturers as the most comprehensive, up to date training available today on this subject. Previously certified inspectors may attend this full course under the VCIR for re-qualification (see below). The course is open to anyone 16 years or older and no previous cylinder inspection experience is required. Participants receive certificate as Visual Cylinder Inspectors upon course completion.

Visual Cylinder Inspector Refresher Course - $225 per person

Refresher courses allow previously certified inspectors (by PSI-PCI) to attend the full VCI course described above at a reduced price.

SCBA Visual Cylinder Inspection -$325 per person

This course is a tailored version of the VCI course for those inspectors only dealing with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) cylinders commonly used in fire fighting, emergency response, and

other land based environments where the air may be unsafe to breath. As this course only covers SCBA Cylinder Inspection, it is slightly shorter then the full VCI course. Participants receive certification as a SCBA Visual Cylinder Inspector upon course completion.

Eddy Current Service Technician - $195 per person

Eddy Current testing is a powerful addition (and now required by USDOT to be updated every three years) to visual cylinder inspection; however many in the industry continue to use such instruments on 

the wrong cylinders or fail to operate the equipment properly. This 2 hour course provides Visual Cylinder Inspectors with the added training to know when and how to conduct proper Eddy Current Tests of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders in addition to hands on experience with Eddy Current instruments. Attendants are required to be currently certified by PSI-PCI as Visual Cylinder Inspectors and participants receive certification as Eddy Current Technician upon course completion.

Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician - $225 per person

This 2-3 hour course offers information and inspection training specific to cleaning oxygen service cylinders. The course has been designed by true experts and engineers in the gas industry on the

subject of oxygen. Students will be provided a Certificate of Completion. Attendees are required to be currently certified by PSI-PCI as Visual Cylinder Inspectors.

Valve Repair Technician - $225 per person

This course provides a broad overview of valve types, valve repair and valve care and maintenance. It is approved by the valve manufacture. Students will be provided a Certificate of Completion.

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