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We are in the process of scheduling courses for 2020.  Check back frequently for updates or contact us to schedule training at your facility.

PSI Visual Cylinder Inspector Course/VCI Recertification Course

11 and 12 January 2020 - Dallas, TX


PSI SCBA Visual Cylinder Inspector Course/Recertification Course

18 and 19 April 2020 - Denton, TX


HAZMAT/Fill Station Operator Course

11 January  2020 - Dallas, TX

18 April  2020 - Denton, TX


PSI Valve Repair Technician Course

25 January 2020 - Denton, TX

02 May  2020 - Denton, TX


PSI Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician Course

09 February  2020 - Denton, TX

03 May  2020 - Denton, TX


PSI Eddy Current Technician Course

08 February  2020 - Denton, TX

01 August  2020 - Denton, TX


PSI Hazardous Materials Communications (HAZCOM) Course

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General Awareness Training For Hydro testers

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-Also Available Online


Facility Security for Hydro testers

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Fire Extinguisher Operations

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Function Specific Training for Hydro testers

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