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49 CFR 172.700 thru 172.704 specifies that all employees who work in Hydrostatic Requalification facilities must receive training in General Hazardous Materials Awareness, Function Specific Training, Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training, HAZCOM/GHS Training, Special Permit familiarization, 10% (+ Mark) overfill qualifiaction familiarization, and Site Security Awareness. Training must be provided within 90 days of hire and retraining must occur every three years. These online class's meet this requirement for training.
This suite of training provides all required training classes for a discounted price.  Save $75 by signing up for all classes instead of signing up for them individually.
Certificates of training will be provided to the student upon successful completion.  Hard copy of the training materials will be shipped to the student for reference.

Hydrostatic Re-qualification Facility Training Suite

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