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US DOT Renews SP9791 for Pressed Steel Tanks

To the relief of divers around the USA, thier PST Tanks falling under the Special Permit/Exemption 9791 have been reapproved for use by the Dept. of Transportation.

The US Department of Transportation renewed the PST cylinder permit 9791 through the end of the year 2018. Many industry members, divers, and retailers had been concerned about this permit expiring due to the large number of PST cylinders currently in use in the dive industry.


Had the permit not been renewed, all cylinders marked with that specific permit number would no longer have been authorized for use and would have needed to be immediately removed from service. The USDOT action today eliminated that situation for another 5 years.

A copy of the new special permit can be found on the US DOT Website ( or by emailing American Cylinder and Safety at


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