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US DOT Raises Penalty Fines in 2024

Starting in 2024, the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) has published revised civil monetary penalty amounts that may be imposed for violations of the 49 CFR hazardous materials regulations.

In the view of the US DOT, hazmat compliance is critical and non-negotiable. It’s vital for hazmat employers, employees, stakeholders, and organizations involved in hazardous materials shipping and handling to stay abreast of the latest hazmat regulations.

The increase in hazmat civil penalty amounts act as a reinforcement of the significance of hazmat safety and adherence to regulations. By keeping themselves informed about hazmat regulations through the utilization of our online training courses, employees and other participants involved in the handling of hazardous materials can ensure safe and smooth execution of their job responsibilities.

The adjusted penalties for 2024 as published in 49 CFR §107.329 are as follows:

-Minimum penalty for violation of hazardous materials transportation law relating to training: $601

-Violation of hazardous materials transportation law: Up to $99,756

-Violation of hazardous materials transportation law resulting in death, serious illness, severe injury, or substantial property destruction: Up to $232,762

The US DOT mandates hazmat professionals undergo training and obtain certification in hazmat operations. Violations of hazmat regulations can result in severe financial consequences.

American Cylinder and Safety, LLC is a trusted provider of the latest online hazmat training and certification courses. As the new penalty regulations come into effect for 2024, both hazmat employers and employees can benefit from our self-paced and learner-friendly online courses that are diligently updated and fully compliant with US DOT hazmat regulations.

We are dedicated to ensuring that hazmat professionals remain current on hazmat safety best practices, enabling them to stay confident, competent, and compliant. To discover more about our comprehensive online hazmat training or to talk to a knowledgeable representative, call us at (808) 343-6594, email us at, or fill out our online contact form today.

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